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We envision an enterprise providing innovative solutions for communities globally.


Our mission is to serve as an innovations and expertise marketplace for arts, entertainment, health, and learning.

Who We Are

Pivotal Peak Digital Health Solutions, Inc. is a spin-off company of the University of the Philippines Manila registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2019.

We have 15 years of expertise and experience in the development, management and maintenance of the Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) electronic medical record (EMR) software application. We are composed of inventors of CHITS, 4 individuals who manage personal businesses, including 2 who have experience in the deployment of interconnectivity solutions.

Our Services

Electronic Medical Records are essential to efficient rendering of clinical care, continuity of care.

Telemedicine provides real-time referral of specialized clinical services.

Telementoring provides continuing professional development for physicians and health workers.

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